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Your Autopilot for authentic User Engagement

Connect with your audience consistently with our easy to use platform

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Communicate faster and better with a unified platform

We provide ready integrations with popular apps, that you can connect to, in minutes. Focus on building your core product - not spending money and resources writing integration code.

Integrate with popular messaging platform and data source.

Mailter makes it easy to build workflows with your data, wherever it lives. Choose from our growing library of app integrations

Mix & match our tools, and build a workflow that suites your needs
See what’s possible on Mailter with our ready-made templates or use them as a starting point for your own workflows.

Mandrill <> Shopify

Let your audience know the hot new arrivals on your store by an automated email

Sendgrid <> Airtable

Get a report on new website signups sent to your inbox every morning

Mailchimp <> Shopify

Re-engage inactive users with a new email campaign

Mandrill <> Airtable

Send your audience a daily update of curated content from Airtable

Sendgrid <> Shopify

Send your prospective customers a newsletter of your most popular products every week.

Mailchimp <> airtable

Send updates related to your product

Simplify your user engagement now
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